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Charcoal production not by occurring deforestation

You may have eaten the charcoal burger or ice-cream. But you may don’t know its massive usage in the different sector around us. Well, the lightweight black charcoal is produced by separating water and additional lively elements from wood, coal, coconut shell or carbon-rich organic material. Many natural and effective products are made from charcoal such as toothpaste, face mask, poison remover, water purifier, air purifier, etc.

So, now you can easily calculate the charcoal market. People around the world are producing charcoal, and they are following the easiest way by burning wood. But they don’t know how they are destroying the environment and increasing deforestation. For producing a huge amount of charcoal, nature is in danger now. So, now I will tell you how the deforestation impact on our ecosystem.

Deforestation causing for charcoal production

The entire world is using activated carbon in the different sectors by cutting the trees from the forest. And for this deforestation, the earth is facing climate change and many more problems. Want to know more? Have a look below.

Losing biodiversity

80% of plants and animals of the world live in the forest. Some animals and plants can only live in the specific forest habitat. So, when people cut the trees from that area, it seems hard for them to survive and some lose their life. Therefore, the whole ecosystem becomes damaged.

Climate change

For removing a certain amount of trees from the forest, the temperature changes in that area. It also affects the climate of the region. Plants keep the moisture of the surrounding area. You cannot solve this problem by planting a few trees.


Plants of forest can absorb heavy rains. If the plants don’t stay there the water could run directly to the rivers. Not only has this flood caused for melting the iceberg in the South Pole which occurs for deforestation.

Increasing greenhouse gases

For deforestation, the habitat of the forest is losing day by day and increasing the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Currently, for 21% of the earth’s oxygen, the rainforests of South America are responsible. This ratio is disappearing 4 hectares a decade, and if this doesn’t stop, we will suffer from more natural calamities.

Oceans are getting acidic

With a risen quantity of carbon dioxide from deforestation and burning fossil fuels, the oceans are becoming more acidic. Every day thousands of sea creatures are dying for water pollution. Almost 30% of the shores are acidic. For human’s industrial revolution the sea ecosystem is now in danger.

Losing several Species

Due to deforestation giant pandas, rhinos, orangutans, white tigers, and the Asian elephants are endangered species. Many rare insects and trees are also in the endangered list for this deforestation. Even many go extinct. For cutting down the plants, forests are getting thin that means blocking the sun ray and holding the heat at nighttime which damages the temperature balance of that environment.

Producing charcoal from natural ingredients without wood

Activated carbon or charcoal is created from an extensive variety of raw element. The principal requirement is that the natural substance should have a considerable portion of carbon content. There are some other parameters, like ash content and trace pollutants. However, there are several ways to create charcoal by not just using timber. Let’s know about the ways or ingredients.

Mostly used materials for producing activated carbon are:

    • Coal
    • Coconut shell
    • Wood-sawdust
    • Peat
    • Nutshell (walnut)
    • Olive stones
    • Palm kernels
    • Husks
    • Sugar cane bagasse
    • Bamboo
    • Cactus
    • Straw and reeds
    • Residues from cotton, coffee, and fruit canning

Final verdict

People always follow the easy way and don’t want to think about the environment. Please have a look; there is much another way to produce charcoal. Don’t destroy the ecosystem. The earth will face more and more fundamental issues for us. Stay with green, Save the green and Be always green. If you want to say anything about it or want to share your opinion about activated carbon producing or deforestation, just leave a comment below. We will love to hear your suggestion.

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